Original U.S.manufacture mount,tripod,cal.30,M2.

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Category 36 - Browning machine gun .30 1919 a4 - a6

Reference AMS04108


Original U.S.manufacture mount,tripod,cal.30,M2.We have a limited quantity of M2 tripods for the 1919 A4 BROWNING machine gun.They are in exellent original condition and will require light cleaning to remove 50 years of grease and dust.Please contact us for shipping cost to your location.Weight 6kg.                                                                              A)  1942-1944 manufacture    --  495€                                                                                                                                B)  1945 manufacture             -- SOLD OUT                                                                                                                              C)  post war manufacture      --  SOLD OUT


The item is original, has seen service, and in very good condition



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